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Frequency Asked Questions

Am I getting a high quality product at this price?

Yes! BikeFin was designed with manufacturing in mind. Instead of expensive processes like injection molding, we designed the mounting bracket so it could be made from a single piece of 5mm thick stainless steel sheet metal. This saved over an estimated $100,000 in prototyping costs while providing more than enough strength to handle the motor torque.


We also designed it to integrate with existing eBike industry components, including batteries, motors, throttles, and more, instead of custom-designed parts. Unlike other kits, we also avoid duplicating and replacing bicycle parts like wheels or pedal assemblies, which further reduces costs. All of this translates to a durable product you can trust, at a price you can afford.

Are any special tools required?

No! We designed the BikeFin eBike conversion kit to only require a simple Allen key (included). You should find it easy to install even if you are not tech-savvy. If, for any reason, you do run into any difficulty, rest assured we will show up in-person to help you. Check our demo video to see how quickly can be installed. Your satisfaction is our priority.

What if I have trouble installing it?

If, for any reason, your kit is not fitting properly, we will come to you to see if we can solve the problem. If we can’t, you will receive a full refund.

What's your return policy?

7-day money full refund.

7-30 day full refund for unopened products. If opened and used, we must keep $50 for motor and battery usage.

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