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An All-in-One eBike Conversion Kit


  • Motor:

    • 450W XYD-16

    • Premium motor

    • Helical gearing for quiet operation

    • Premium Neodynium magnets instead of Ferrite

    • Rated for 800 hours; after 800 hours the motor brushes can be replaced for only $20CAD, offering another 800 hours

  • Motor Bracket: Single piece of powder-coated 5mm thick Stainless Steel laser cut and bent to shape

    • Includes adjustment knob to adjust to your frame​

  • Speed: Motor assists between 3km/h and 32km/h

    • No license/Insurance required

    • Unregulated version offers 40km/h (requires insurance)

  • Battery: 10Ah included (~23 km range)

    • 15 & 20Ah interchangeable upgrades available

    • Rated for 800 charging cycles

  • 2A Battery Charger

  • Thumb Throttle

    • No grip removal required

  • Custom-made 9-tooth freewheel sprocket; World's only (LEARN MORE)!

    • Allows you to pedal freely even if the motor isn't on

  • 36V 500W Motor Controller

  • Warranty:

    • 1 year on battery/motor

    • Lifetime on bracket

  • Tools: Allen key included with each kit.

All for only $699 CAD

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The BikeFin eBike conversion kit has everything you need to turn a standard bicycle into a fully functioning eBike that’s ready for any road. No additional pedals, wheels, or parts needed.
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