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How BikeFin Was Born

It all started when the pandemic lockdowns first hit in March of 2019. Mechanical Engineer and Founder, Liam Nelson, found himself with lots of extra time on his hands, like so many others. As a person who loves projects, he decided to convert his bicycle into an eBike.

After looking at kits for sale online for a removeable mid-drive kit, he was shocked to see that no solution existed, so he made his own. To experiment, he took existing eBike motors and batteries, and bent a simple bar of steel strategically so it would attach to the downtube and wrap around it. To his amazement, the very first prototype actually worked great. It was then that he realized the potential this new solution had. 

He believed in the idea so much that he spent the next 1.5 years working on perfecting the design full-time (at the great dismay of his Savings), and found a local manufacturer for a professional motor bracket. Then he perfected a new freewheel sprocket, as well as the electronics to run everything.

The end result is a kit that's easy to install, just as effective as current market solutions, but far more affordable.


The Sustainable Option

We believe in building a sustainable future. BikeFin doesn’t replace perfectly good bicycle parts, like wheels, pedals, and cranksets, and has the potential to reduce traffic congestion.

We Stand By Our Products

Your outcome matters to us. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure you have the best experience possible.

BikeFin customers get access to:

  • Free consultations for any standard bike they wish to convert

  • Our team of dedicated eBike technicians

  • A lifetime warranty on the BikeFin bracket

  • A 1-year battery and motor warranty

  • Early-bird discounts for new product launches

About the 8-tooth Freewheel Sprocket
9-tooth sprocket

A unique custom-made freewheel sprocket is one of the most important pieces of the kit. A freewheel motor sprocket lets you pedal normally without the motor engaged, and then add motor power whenever you want it. However, the eBike industry currently only offers 12+ tooth freewheel motor sprockets. The problem with these is that they don't offer the right gear ratios for use with your existing rear-wheel gears/sprockets; kits that use them require an additional 44 tooth gear to be attached to the rear bicycle wheel hub, replacing the disc-brake in the process.


In order to solve this affordably and effectively, we take the widely available 12-tooth freewheel sprockets and weld a 8-tooth sprocket onto the end of it. This allows your motor to engage properly with your existing rear-wheel gears/sprockets without straining the motor. This also lets you keep your brake system untouched. Another benefit is that as you change gears depending on your speed, just like a car transmission, the motor gets the torque it needs on hills without sacrificing speed on flat ground. Additionally, because the 8-tooth sprocket has a smaller diameter than the 12-tooth sprocket, you actually get even more torque delivery from the motor.

Our Media Partner

BikeFin would like to thank Wide Stream Media for their passion and dedication to helping bring our vision to life. Wide Stream Media is an independent production company based in Alberta. From narratives to client work they specialize in bringing visions to life. Their team is passionate and dedicated to whatever project they are working on, which we can personally attest to. Reach out to them at and let them help you tell your story.

Our Charitable Partner

Having overcome childhood Tourette's Syndrome, Liam started volunteering with people with disabilities when he was 14 years old through Between Friends. More than 15 years later he remains involved and is proud to say that a portion of every sale will go to support Between Friends. Between Friends is a Calgary-based non-profit organization that provides social and recreation programs for people with disabilities of all ages. For almost 40 they have worked to increase community awareness and foster positive attitudes towards individuals with disabilities, with the ultimate goal of community inclusion. Teams of dedicated members, parents, volunteers, and staff have contributed to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of thousands of Calgarians by providing them with a place to connect, grow, and belong.

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